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System Integration



System Integration
More and more customers want integrated systems wherein the equipment is completed with additional components and is delivered in a ready-to-use state. ET System electronic offers a comprehensive range of services for system integration from one source. The sources and electronic loads are wired up according to the customer’s wishes, installed in 19” cabinets and fitted out with special features. Sources and loads can be combined with each other and special interfaces or emergency shutdown functions can be added, to give a few examples.
The integration of insulation monitors, interlock functions and the installation of industrial PCs are also available as options, along with building in special fusing, such as for equipment with several channels where every channel needs to have separate fusing. The design can be adapted to comply with any required standards and directives for machines, and the systems can be integrated into any pre-existing environment with additional connections. If so wished, we can leave extra space and more connection options for other devices within the 19” cabinets so that the customer can integrate their own components hassle-free
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