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LAB/SLV 1-BSS Bidirectional DC Suorce/Sink to Grid Battery Simulation 30 kW up to 2 MW

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LAB/SLV 1-BSS Bidirectional DC Suorce/Sink recycle to Grid Battery Simulation 30 kW up to 2 MW

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The highly dynamic 2 quadrant rectifier systems were developed for comprehensive and special performance tests for the vehicle operation of electric motors, e.g. hybrid motors.


Very fast control dynamics are achieved by the modern PWM rectifier (IGBT) control over the entire power range. The interfaces enable integration into a wide variety of system and test environments.




From 30 kW to 2 MW
Voltages of 5-300 V/ 5-600 V / 5-1,200V
Maximum currents in a single system ± 1,500 A
Available as multi-channel output (e.g. 2-channel DC output)
Continuous transition from charging to discharging
Modular system, systems can be connected in parallel
Galvanically isolated from the grid
TFT touch display with simple menu navigation
Emergency off in the front door
Indicator lights for operating status
Fast response time < 1.5 ms (optional < 3 ms)
Low grid feedback effect
Sens Connection for compensating voltage drops on the DC line
Programmable sequences that can be stored and reloaded
3 operating modes: constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC+ & CC-), constant power (CP+ & CP-) for charging and discharging
The systems’ “hardware limits” can be set specifically for the application
Standard interfaces: LAN and RS485 (CAN optional)
Special versions available on request



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